BestLocalEats Custom Icons

I had the unique opportunity to work as a designer on the development team for, a food delivery service website and mobile application developed by the same team that brought Grubhub to life. The project focused on the food industry, including restaurants, breweries, wineries, and food trucks, as well as their associated events. My role was to create a set of web icons that would capture the essence of this vibrant industry while maintaining a colorful, realistic, yet stylized and artistic touch. The primary goal was to develop a cohesive set of web icons that would reflect the essence of's mission. The icons had to resonate with the audience by capturing the spirit of the food industry, while standing out with vibrant colors and artistic details, making them easily recognizable, visually appealing and memorable. The result was a set of icons that are a combination of realistic yet stylized design, vibrant colors, and an artistic touch that enhanced the website's visual appeal and user experience. Crafting these icons that perfectly aligned with the project's theme and goals was a real creative journey for me and I was more than pleased to have contributed to the platform's success in delivering a delightful user experience. Key work: Custom icon design
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