Custom Icons for Game Over

Game Over, a retro arcade bar featuring classic games from the 80s and 90s, pinball, console games, and more, aimed to enhance its identity with custom icons. The goal was to visually represent diverse offerings, including arcade games, treats like pizza, candy, ice cream, craft drinks, and slushies. Crafting a perfect blend of retro charm and modern clarity, I designed custom icons for each category. The icons not only symbolized the gaming culture but also invited patrons to explore the array of entertainment and treats Game Over had to offer. Integrated seamlessly into branding and promotional materials, the icons quickly became a visual guide for patrons. The cohesive iconography enhanced user experience, contributing to the vibrant atmosphere of Game Over and inviting exploration of its diverse offerings. The Game Over custom icon project successfully captured the essence of nostalgia, turning pixels into an invitation for patrons to relive the golden age of gaming. The visually engaging icons became integral to Game Over's identity, contributing to the overall enjoyment of parties, special events, and tournaments at this retro arcade haven. Key work: Custom Icon Design
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