IEEE - Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

I was tasked with creating symbols for the IEEE agency based on their "Draft Standard for Transparent Human and Machine Agency Identification." The purpose of this standard is to describe audio and visual marks to assist with the identification of the agency behind media or communications, such as a machine intelligence, a human being, or a combination of entities. The goal is to facilitate transparency, understanding, and trust during online, telephone, robotic, or other electronic interactions. The focus is on minimizing cognitive and social challenges for developers and users while ensuring transparency in controlling entities. I designed the symbols with the following qualities in mind: simplicity, familiarity, consistency, modernity, friendliness and flexibility. A clean and straightforward style was chosen using line iconography, so that the symbols can be easily adapted to different contexts and uses. The symbols have been developed to maintain consistency in style throughout the three different versions: outline, fill and color. This helps to create a cohesive and unified visual language. Friendliness was also a very important quality to maintain, since the marks are being used to facilitate assurance, as well as transparency and understanding. In order for the symbols to look sharp and crisp, the symbols have been drawn on a grid for ease of scale. Key work: Custom icon design
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