MediMemory App Icon

MediMemory, a dedicated medication reminder app designed for individuals with cognitive disabilities or memory challenges, aimed to create a visually compelling Main App Icon. Recognizing the pivotal role of the icon in user engagement, the objective was to design an icon, or a symbol that not only represented the app's purpose but also appealed to the target audience's desire for clarity and accessibility. The design process commenced with a deep understanding of the app's users and their unique needs. Dozens of icons were crafted with varying color schemes, each undergoing extensive testing to ensure optimal user engagement. The final chosen icon emerged as the most effective in conveying the essence of medication reminders while being visually appealing and easily distinguishable. User accessibility was at the forefront of the design considerations. Through iterative testing, the chosen icon proved to be the most intuitive and recognizable for individuals with cognitive disabilities or memory issues. The design's clarity and simplicity resonated positively during testing phases, affirming its suitability for the intended audience. The MediMemory app icon project showcases the intersection of user-centric design in creating impactful and accessible app icons for specialized audiences. Key work: Custom logo app icon
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