RCO ELD APP Logo, Icons and UI/UX Design

I was tasked with creating the mobile app icon for RCO, a company offering a comprehensive suite of solutions for the trucking industry. The key challenge was to design an icon that effectively conveyed RCO's diverse range of services, which span from ELD compliance and trailer tracking to real-time sensor data management, all within a single, impactful image. I opted for a minimalistic approach, using a black silhouette of a truck as the central element. This instantly establishes the app's connection to the trucking industry, making it clear who RCO serves. To complement the truck icon, I selected a vibrant blue/turquoise background. This color evokes professionalism, reliability, and trust – all core values for RCO and its services. Additionally, the contrasting color scheme ensures the icon is clear and recognizable on any device, regardless of screen size. I also created custom icons for the different functionalities within the app and a landing page that leverages the established visual identity. Key Work: App icon/logo Custom icons UI/UX design Landing page
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