Custom Icons for Salesforce

Salesforce, Inc., a pioneer in cloud-based software, aimed to elevate the visual appeal and user experience of one of its analytics applications. I was tasked to create realistic 3D icons that not only reflected the sophistication of the analytics tools but also provided an intuitive and engaging interface for users. The design process commenced with an in-depth analysis of the analytics app's functionalities and features. Collaborating closely with the Salesforce team, we identified key elements that could be translated into realistic 3D icons. The icons were crafted to capture the essence of data analysis, portraying charts, graphs, and other analytical elements in a visually compelling manner. Special attention was given to realism and detail in the 3D icons. Each symbol was designed to mimic real-world counterparts, providing users with an immersive experience. The use of shading, lighting, and textures ensured that the icons conveyed depth and sophistication, aligning seamlessly with the analytical nature of the application. The realistic 3D icons significantly contributed to improved user engagement. The visually appealing and lifelike representations of analytics tools made the application more inviting, reducing the learning curve for users and increasing their confidence in utilizing the robust features. This custom icons project highlights the synergy between advanced design principles and cutting-edge technology in shaping a superior software experience. Key work: Custom icons design
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