Brzanov Wine Bottle Label Illustration & Design

Antonio Brzanov is a hedonist and wine lover, who in 2012 started creating his artistic and unique wines that originate from the sunny vineyards of Macedonia. Filip Skumanov, a wine aficionado, said about his wines: “When you taste his wines, the first reflection and "magic" that touches your gums and senses is exactly the returning magic of given love and passion for perfection. The way wines are treated in their production cycle - without the use of chemical enhancers and other "alchemy", with right ranks this winery among the few that can carry the epithet "craft".” His artisan wines are connected with my art by a special bond, one of shared passion and love of beauty. I made a hand-made drawing based on my paintings and adjusted it to fit the bottle label, thus making this a unique combination of arts and magic for all senses. Key work: Wine bottle label illustration Wine bottle label design Package design
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