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The Child Universal Success Platform (CUSP) is a non-profit organization that focuses on improving the lives of children by providing access to education and healthcare. In order to promote their mission, CUSP decided to create a new logo that would represent their values and goals. The design process started with a research phase, where I gathered information about the target audience and the values they wanted to communicate. This allowed me to create a design brief that outlined the main goals of the logo. The next step was the conceptualization phase, where several ideas were developed and refined. The design process involved considering different shapes, colors, and symbols that could represent the organization's mission and values. After several rounds of revisions, me and the team decided on a final design that featured a colorful and stylized letter U, symbolizing the analytical nature of the platform. The letter U is is made of three bars in different colors that represent the universal aspect of the organization's mission, going uprwards, towards a brighter future. The design was created in bright, cheerful colors that were meant to evoke a sense of hope and happiness. The final logo was a success and has helped CUSP to increase their visibility and promote their mission. The bright and cheerful design has been well received by their target audience and has helped to reinforce the organization's commitment to improving the lives of children everywhere. Key work: Brand Logo Brand Color Palette Brand Fonts Landing page illustration Brand Iconography Landing page design
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