MapleCap Partners Logo and Brand Guidelines

MapleCap Partners, a global financial services firm with Canadian and Swiss origins, approached me with a request to create a logo that reflects their international presence, financial expertise, and progressive nature. To begin the logo creation process, I conducted extensive research on MapleCap Partners' core values, target audience, and industry competitors. Based on my research, I generated multiple design concepts that captured the essence of MapleCap Partners. I explored various visual elements such as charts, financial graphs, and letterforms to create a unique and visually appealing logo. After careful consideration and client feedback, we proceeded with the concept that best represented MapleCap Partners' vision. I designed a stylized letter "M" that also resembles an upward-trending chart - signifying the company's financial expertise and commitment to growth. For the color palette, I chose purple, blue, and green gradients that smoothly transition and blend into each other. The combination of these colors adds vibrancy and reflects MapleCap Partners' global reach, professionalism, and trustworthiness. Overall, the logo design process for MapleCap Partners was a collaborative effort that resulted in a visually striking and meaningful logo. It effectively communicates the firm's global scope, financial expertise, and commitment to growth. Key Work: Brand Logo Brand Style Guide
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