Monstera Logo & Brand Identity

Monstera is a family run specialist supplier of outdoor and indoor greenery and plants, gardening tools, contemporary garden pots, planters and all gardening related-products. The business was launched in 2001 and has grown rapidly over the years. Today, after 21 years in business, the Monstera Garden Center are well known for their friendly and knowledgable staff and have a large variety products. At the same time, their logo remained the same and didn't fit the brand it had become. As a business grows and matures, brand guidelines are a necessity to build a trustworthy and reliable experience for everyone who engages with it. My job was to reimagine the new tone and voice of the Monstera company, so it fits more accurately with the brand they had become and the brand they want to represent. The objective was to create a recognisable, simple and striking image for their logo and a new branding guidelines, which for a brand ultimately means more customers and more profits. The result is a blend of simplicity and powerful visual elements to showcase the brand in a way that’s easy to understand and identify with.
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