RCO logo & Branding

RCO Trucks is a company that sells a variety of products, from fully certified FMCSA ELDs to help drivers stay in compliance at all times, to trailer mapping your precious cargo, as well as real time sensor telematics. They recently decided to update their logo to better reflect their brand and attract new customers. I created a new logo design featuring a stylized letter "R" that is quickly associated with a truck, symbolizing the company's focus on transportation. The color scheme is a combination of blue and black, which conveys a sense of reliability and power. The new design was well received by customers and employees. It helped to modernize the brand and give it a fresh, contemporary look. The company also reported a significant increase in brand recognition and customer loyalty since the new logo was introduced. Overall, the new logo design was a success for RCO Trucks. It helped to reinforce the company's brand and position them as a leader in the ELD industry. Key work: Brand Logo Style Guide Landing Page Stationery Design
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