Techverk Logo & Branding

Techverk is a young and fast growing custom software development company, based in Sweden. They work primarily with startups, or young marketing professionals, so the branding solution had to speak loudly to their young, tech savvy target audience. The design process was long and difficult, with lots of back and forths, but the final version of the logo was approved with lots of enthusiasm and positive energy. The logo consists of a circle with the capital letter T, for Techverk. The lettermark was emphasized by being inscribed in a perfect circle, and next to the full name of the company, feels like a parallel continuum of the T, with the lines crossing, but never touching. The result is a logo that’s in harmony in both vertical and horizontal placement of its elements. And harmony comes with simplicity and clear understanding, just like well written code, or custom software. Key work: Brand Logo Brand Color Palette Brand Fonts Pattern design
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