Goce Delchev University Logo & Brand Guidelines

University Goce Delchev is a prestigious institution of higher learning located in the city of Shtip, North Macedonia. Recently, the university underwent a rebranding process that included the redesign of their logo. The new logo features a modern and stylized version of the historical building in which Goce Delchev was teaching and now is the building of Rectorate. The words "University Goce Delchev" are written in all caps next to the symbol. The letters "UGD" are designed to form a stylized shape, which is meant to symbolize the spirit of knowledge, innovation, and progress. The university's leadership team recognized that the old logo was outdated and did not accurately represent the institution's values and mission. I designed the new logo to reflect the university's commitment to excellence in education and research, as well as their dedication to serving the community. The new logo was well-received by the university community, including students, faculty, staff, and alumni. The logo will be used on various marketing and promotional materials, including the university's website, social media accounts, and official documents. Overall, the redesign of the University Goce Delchev logo was a successful rebranding effort that helped to modernize the university's image and better communicate their values and mission to the world. Key work: Brand Logo Brand Guidelines
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